Wednesday, August 16, 2006

My Very First Blog!!

And so it begins...

I hearby announce to the cyberspatial audience my intention to add another knitblog to the mix!

I am a startaholic, with lots of enthusiasm and good intentions (and a LOT of UFOs and WIPs), but not so many FOs. I love colour, variegated yarns, natural fibres, casein and bamboo needles, knitting-in-the-round to avoid seams, knitmags and big books of fabulous patterns that I'm never going to knit myself!

I am about to join the clapotis revolution - the swatch is done, the L&L rewound into balls, and needles are ready. All I need now is the time!!!

Coming up soon - stash flash, WIP, FOs, clapotis progress...

Kate, from way down under, who now has to hang out the towels ;>