Monday, March 10, 2008

There were two in the bed last night

Two extras, that is!
When I abandoned the repeats on tv and hied me to the bedroom, I found DD#1 asleep in the middle - not surprising, other than I thought she'd already gone back to her own bed an hour earlier. The second occupant, however, normally sleeps outside - my lovely dog Holly (thankfully recently washed) had opened the gauze sliding door and come a-wandering in, trotted around the bed a couple of times (judging by the straw mulching there this morning), then discovered a convenient pile of clothes from which to launch herself onto the bed, where she snuggled up on my side, against my pillow, beside the sleeping DD. I gently encouraged (ie picked up and carried) Holly outside, and requested that the MOMD put DD#1 in her bed. Some turning of pillow and brushing of linen later (girl and dog were on top, not actually under the sheets, thankfully) I was able to hop in, fondly recalling scenes from Holly's puppyhood, when she would nest in the basket of (dirty) washing, and find smelly socks to chew on...

But that's not why you're here, is it?

You want pictures!!! (Well, Tink does, at least :D )

Progress on the Clapotis:
Clapotis progress
(Click here for big)

The start of the Daughter Tunic:
Girly Tunic
(Click here for big)

Progress on the Jacobean Sock the First:
Jacobean progress
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Accidental Alpaca Acquisition:
(Click here for big)

Magical Mystery Vest Magic Swatch:
Magic Swatch
(Click here for big)

(May I just say, because it makes all those linkys so much easier, that I LOVE Tabbed browsing!!)