Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Coming along nicely..

Well, you should see sock #2!! Doing the ribbing way back when has paid off - Sunday in bits, and last night, I was hooning along, and couldn't stop myself until I finished turning the heel and did 4 rows of the gusset!! But you will scroll to no avail - I have no pic because

  • a) I was too tired at 11.30 last night
  • b) I napped after the school run
  • c)I gymmed the rest of the morn away
  • d)I am eating my hard-earned lunch
  • and e) V is on my lap making sounds and smells indicative of imminent nappy-changing activities.

So there.
And I will have to work an extra repeat of the animice pattern to make it long enough for J - the red and yellow look pretty cool!!
Must dash :P