Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Family life..

Children are messy.

Item the First: baby V had first immunisation needles on Thurs. Nappies have been green, yellow, noisy, runny, and at least double the normal number ever since. There is washing.

Item the Second: daughter S was unwell after dinner Sunday - on hubby's hand, his lap, the chair, in a bowl, another bowl, and a few drips on the rug. There was washing.

Item the Third: son J was unwell during the night, and for much of this morning. Thankfully he is old enough to grab a bowl for himself in time, but what with the sheets, towels, bowl, toilet, hands, hands, hands.. There was, is, and will be, washing.

Children are a joy.

Item the First: baby kisses - baby V is two months old now, and smiling and crowing and opening her mouth for kisses when you cuddle her up close.

Item the Second: goodnight kisses and cuddles from S & J - they come with spontaneous "I love you Mum"s - what more do you want as the last thing your child says to you each day?