Thursday, September 07, 2006

I am such a follower... :>

I joined the Clapotis KAL, where the excellent peeps are helpful, enthusiastic and/or sympathetic, as circumstances demand. The pictures alone are fabulous! Since we are springing here (see next post), I can allow myself plenty of time (ie till March 07) to work through my Clappy before it will get cold enough to justify lots of parading around in it! BTW, is that nickname just the teeniest bit suggestive of an unfortunate medical condition?? Or is that just my little grey cells being sludgier than usual 8-}

Anyway, I am playing catch-up in the worst way :-
exhibit a) learning to hand-wind LL Lion and Lamb

exhibit b) halfway

exhibit c) all wound up! note the skill progression left to right! :)

exhibit d) Clapotis swatch

exhibit e) every journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

Isn't she the cutest little V? She's helping me blog with breakky today.

Before you say it, I know it's against the Unwritten Rules of Baby Display to show a girl in blue *gasp*, but hey, they're jammies, they were clean and they were handy - as all mums know, points 2 & 3 outweigh piffling little trifles like fashion aesthetics!!