Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Proof of success!

Sophie is wearing her new socks today, and there have been no complaints of any kind - what a win!! I did have a minor qualm about them being too thick to wear with her sneakers, but so far so good.

I noticed that I have knit the second at a tighter tension than the first, so it is slightly smaller, but not enough to be worth frogging and doing over :)

Vital statistics:
Pattern: combination of HJ Studio's knit-by-maths instructions, and the toe from YARN magazine's toddler socks [dec 4 st every round for 4 rounds, graft] (Issue 3)
Yarn: Shepherd Colour4Me 8ply (ie DK) in colour 4981 [machine washable on wool wash]
Needles: 3.75mm casein Timbergrain dpns from Swallow needles
Time: 2nd sock prob'ly took 4 hours; started 1st on 20th Aug, finished 2nd 26th Sept 2006!
Learnt: the geometry of heel-flap socks and knee-high socks; that long "round" toe method won't work on 8ply toddler-sized socks!!! Kitchener grafting (hmmm) AND 8ply socks are fast!!!
Socktoberfest here I come!!!