Wednesday, October 04, 2006

In which there was not enough knitting

I have been trying and trying to get into this sock, but the [domestic] fates are conspiring against me!

  • Sunday: 1st 4 rows of picot edging

  • Monday: last 3 rows of picot edging, 3 needles of knitting crochet cast-on stitches with the working stitches to begin the leg of the sock - see pic at right

  • Tuesday: finish last needleful of cast-on stitches, knit 1 round, begin pattern from row 1, complete 2 1/4 rounds

Any hopes I may have had of wearing these - even just ONE of them - for my birthday (two weeks) are swiftly evaporating. I have no spare time during the day, and V has been waking up for an hour or so at night, just as I settle into cup of tea, knitting and tv mode.

And now the non-knitting content!
DH and I celebrated 8 years of marriage yesterday - with Shepherds Pie and stripey jelly!
I have a dentist's appointment today - my left front tooth is aching in a worrying kind of way - not helped by the ice-cream with the jelly last night - ooouuuucccchhhhhh.
Is there anything funnier than a three year old, who has only just learnt to count forwards, trying to count backwards from 5?
"Five! Three! Four! One!"
"Five! Four! Two! Three!"
"Five! Two! Three! Four! One!"
"Five! Four! Three! Two! One!"
That's it! You did it! Do it again!
"Five! Two! Three! Four! One!"
"Five! Two! Three! Four! One!"
"Five! Two! Three! Four! One!"
"Five! Two! Three! Four! One!"
That was the script for some of bathtime last night :)