Saturday, October 28, 2006

Jay for J

One Jaywalker, warts and all modelled by J's left foot.
Now that they have an owner, I feel I may even be able to bring myself to knit the second, hopefully with fewer mistakes!

Jays for J, who is 6, and doesn't hold still for more than 3 seconds while conscious, should have an appopriate name, so in honour of the bouncy and aggressive ants in our backyard, I hereby dub this (to be continued) pair of socks: JackJumper socks. I shall try to get a picture of a jackjumper on a less freezing day (11*C, 33kph winds, a few rounds of hail interrupting the showers and brief blasts of sunshine)

Now I have to go to the shops to spend b'day book voucher (thanks to S&BiL), and cast on J's 2nd jackjumper, and cast on some zigzag socks for moi! (Wish me luck)