Sunday, October 01, 2006

There have been tv and movies and knitting..

  1. Socktoberfest - What to do , what to do? I think I'd be bored silly with just straight st st or endless ribbing, so I went through all of my sock patterns and found some possibilities. I swatched both skeins of Jigsaw, the first just as st st, the second as the Jaywalker zigzags. Pretty happy with the Jaywalker, so I have started that, on 2.25mm needles as suggested, which feels like knitting with toothpicks (!), 84sts around coz my feet are a D fitting (at least!). If they turn out too big, my SIL has feet one size larger than mine - maybe she'd like some for Xmas?

  2. Mosaic knit vest - those first 10" are going in the frog pond - it took me a little while to get the tension right what with all the slipped sts, and I don't think J will like the mouse pattern next year when he will actually be wearing it, so I will start from scratch, measure him now and guesstimate nest year's likely stretching height-wise, and chart up a pattern using the same v-neck as the Knitter's magazine one. J has requested zigzags, so I just have to figure out size, length etc and off I shall dash!

  3. Jumper for S - hasn't happened yet, but considering I only just finished her socks, I don't think she is suffering! She is so tiny that she won't be more than an inch different next year, so designing her jumper will be easy - the one she picked is for 8-12yr olds, so I will take the outlines and scale them down A LOT. (size 2 pants only just fit her round the waist now - and she's 3 and a bit!)

  4. Clapotis - haven't touched it since the last picture - too much other knitting stuff happening in my knitting time. I am feeling the withdrawal.

  5. Perhaps the above is because Gray's Anatomy was not on this week, again!! How can I knit my Clapotis without appropriate drama going on on the screen???? BTW, you may be interested to know that it was replaced with coverage of the Brownlow Medal night - where they work out the AFL player got the most votes for Best and Fairest (or something - interest in footy is not something I possess). So, they televised people sitting at tables, with nice touches of team colours to their black-tie gear/evening dresses, and announced results from about 18 rounds of voting, in turn. This took several hours. I was not converted to AFL by this.

  6. I have been eyeing a variety of cardies, hoodies, and am stuck. Do I go for the Central Park Hoodie? the Ribby Cardi? the CeCe cardi? the Ivy (which is a definite, I just don't think I have the right stuff in my stash)? Do I feel like ribbing? cables? a variety of textured stitches?? Of course, I can't really commit to anything that requires exact bust/hip measurements because
    1. a) I am breastfeeding, so the bust will different next winter

    2. b) I am gymming 3x every week to lose this preggy-leftover excess flesh and my hips will be smaller next winter

    3. c) I am a Libran and incapable of committing to anything when there are too many choices!

PS Doctor Who rocks my Saturday evening!!! Season final next week - oh the suspense!!!

PPS negotiations have been entered into with J, who is coming up with more and more complicated ideas. This is the sketch of what I think. He now wants the zigzags to change colour so that there can be black stripes across as well. *furrowed brow of deep thought*

PPPS have discovered not one but TWO errors in my jaywalker so far - must tink back 3 rows!!! sheesh... [did you spot them? center double decrease, and forgot a kf/b on right - but aren't the stripes just perfect]