Wednesday, November 22, 2006

As we sign our past, present and future $$$ away..

my favourite room

I can't figure out how to insert the images themselves, so the links will have to do (hope they worked!)

Little vinyl-clad1960s which has had big rumpus added on, then big b/room and ensuite/laundry behind that; secure fenced yard (dogs will be v happy), sandpit, vege patch and fruit trees (fenced off from yard), some sheddage for hubby, 2 blocks from shops, 6 blocks from school, parks everywhere, flat part of the suburb - miraculous in Hobart!!
Happy Happy Joy Joy

I *see* a stash cupboard in the rumpus room - the doors are open - neatly labelled moth-prof plastic tubs hold jewel-rich colours - a hand-made needle-organiser peeks out from behind one door - knitting journals and pattern print-outs fill the folders shelved on the right, above drawers holding notions and accessories..... And the 3 yr old "resting" on the lounge in the room behind me squawks "Mu-u-um - Mu-ummy - Mu-um!" and the *vision* evaporates :)