Thursday, November 16, 2006

Paranthetically speaking

I have 7 rows to go till I start the heel flap on JackJumper The Second - I love these kwik-knit things!!
~ Speaking of which, in the course of updating my sidebar (which I have totally ignored for 2 months), I felt the need to insert the possibility of future Fetchings ( I blame Lime & Violet - their voices are in my head, urging me on) (or maybe I could pause the podcast for a little while? nonononono). As if I don't have enough to do!!
~ Speaking of which, today we are going to the real estate agent's office to make an offer on a house, I am rechecking home loan options, I'm helping out at J's class after lunch, J has cricket this afternoon (if it doesn't SLEET like yesterday - what kind of southern hemisphere November is this??), and I would like to get to the gym tonight because it certainly won't be happening at any other point in my day!!!
~ Speaking of which, was 9.45am too early to start on the Lindor block - I can feel the tea&chocky combo speeding my fingers across this keyboard - I do not need pharmaceutical drugs to make me twitch!!
~ Speaking of which, I here waking up noises from the bassinet - must get the V! Bye!!