Saturday, March 31, 2007

After the Fair

Thanks to Penni, I realised that the Hobart Quilt and Craft Fair was on today, and immediately planned how and when I might get there, preferably without children :P
I turned up for J's school's Bunnings BBQ (fundraiser at entry to large hardware store), to discover hubby already there and happy to keep going, so I went to the Fair! Sadly, this meant taking 3 small people with me, a move that nearly proved fatal to two of them - thankfully, I was able to restrain myself from providing sensational Sunday paper headlines

Crazed Craft Fair Mum Strangles Offspring with Alpaca Silk; Stall Owners Demand Payment for Soiled Goods
Back to Bunnings, buy sausages and drinks for 2 kids, sit watching for half an hour until hubby is ready to hand the till over to the next parent volunteer, explain slowly and clearly that I AM going to the Fair, hand over baby and car keys, and off I whizzed to surround my self in explosions of riotous colour!
As I walked around, I noticed many many people carrying these:

so I went for a look and bought one! Inside was a motley collection of "women's interest" items:

The kids ate the Gummi Bears, we don't have a budgie, I don't watch BH&G, but the bag had pretty pink stripes, so a must for miss S. Oops! Forgot the cutlery!

The same stall had this for $20 (HALF the RRP!!), so I couldn't leave it there, could I?

Trawling around the place I found Jules on the Web, whose stall was just a complete rainbow; then there was Prudence Mapstone, who had some of her amazing freeform crochet creations up on display - I am overawed by the artistry and colour-sense, but can't see myself diving into scrumbling - I think you would really have to be a crochet person to do it properly, and it would work better if you already had a fairly large repertoire of stitches and patterns to go nuts with. A lovely lady though, and she kindly sold me one of these:

Elsewhere I found *gasp* SOCK YARN - specifically, Online Supersocke 100, wool 4ply and cotton 4ply:

(sadly I bought one at $17 from one stall and found it elsewhere on special for $13.50, and couldn't bring myself to go back and swap #1, because the lady there had let me fondle everything before only buying two skeins. They even had Addi Turbos. I played a little)
Guess which family members these are intended for?:

Also on special were these:

so now I have enough to go with the 100gms I had begun as a drop-st scarf but decided it just wouldn't work - now there is enough for a wrap or vest, and I thought maybe I'd knit it together with a strand of navy something or other - add a little softness and depth ...
So that was my 2 hours at the Fair - I have yarn on either side of me, plans whirling through my brain, a blog post to share my joy with everyone, and no time to start anything because it's 11pm and I really need some sleep!