Monday, April 02, 2007

My sheep is hot stuff too ☺

In my former life as a teacher-librarian in a K-12 school, I got to do many cool things, such as go to training days where we learned hands-on craft activities based on that year's Children's Book Week shortlisted picture books. The Early Childhood Book of the Year in 2005 was Where is the Green Sheep? by the very cool Mem Fox and the amazing Judy Horacek. (BTW, Mem has an interesting page with the text of a speech she gave describing the process of creating Where is the Green Sheep? - if you are a children's book person, for whatever reason, it puts to rest any idea you ever had that writing kids' books is easy!)
One activiy was to make a sheep using a block of polystyrene, some paddlepop sticks, plasticine, felt shapes, and died wool tops.
Et voilà!

Hot Sheep

Click to go to the album (all of two pics:> ) to see the twirls on the sheep's back
(the missing foot is waiting some kind of sticky-tape surgery, or a new paddlepop stick - my kids love it so much I have to keep it on the top shelf to prevent further amputations!!!)