Tuesday, April 10, 2007

A Real Live Knitty Friend!

Yesterday I met Penni (and her baby girl) for morning tea at one-of-an-ubiquitous-chain-of-coffee-shops-guaranteed-to-be-open-over-Easter - an actual knitter, same age group, same professional background, same age babies (I'm ahead on older kids points though) and living in the same suburb!!!
We had a nice time chatting through the new acquaintance checklist (you know what I mean), and meandered through some knitting topics - socks, knitting lots but not ending up with own things, gauge, dishcloths/washers, Yarns I Have Known - it was really nice and a bit weird at the same time - I have had sewing friends, a motorbike-mad cross-stitch friend (we used to hit Lindcraft, the bookstore, and the cake shop after exams finished), a scrapbooking friend, crafty friends and family members, but, somehow, No Knitters! This is a new experience for me - I can mention a magazine, designer, technique or whatever, and she will Get It!
Very. Very. Happy.