Sunday, June 03, 2007

Progress, decisions and designing

I'm having fun with my Noro cardi - despite having a few nights off to read a book (a big deal here in no-time-land), my cardi is now down to the elbows and ready for waist-shaping.
(The dodgy bit under my right shoulderblade is a couple of very badly woven-in ends - will find some blue thread and sew them into better positions once I''m all done)
I have decided to shape a little at the waist before doing a 3x1 rib (nice and chunky for the thickish stripey yarn), so I've modelled the decreases on the darts in my favourite blouses, putting one on either side at the back, and paired ssk/k2tog decreases under the bust on each front, which are spaced so that they will end up (down!) centred over one of the 3st ribs. I only need to do about 6 more rows (at most) to be ready for the ribbing - I'm aiming to just skim the pocket-line of my jeans - not a lot of choice about length when using stashed yarn !! I 'm also going to do another 2 inches on the sleeves and then rib those as far as I can - I tend to push my sleeves right up, so 3/4 length will be fine if I'm running out :>

The neckline is a little wide and rolls a lot (thankyou, stocking stitch), so I will have to put in a deepish ribbed band to Control the Roll and fill a few of the Wide Open Spaces.

**** News Flash ****
While I've been working on this post, Miss V (currently referred to as Miss Snottums due to green mucous) has been walking (ie taking more than 2 steps unassisted)!!!!!! She will turn one later this month, and her Nan is coming for a visit next week because she can't bear to be missing out on so much of my last child - what perfect timing!!
Happy Happy Joy Joy - hope you have something as beautiful in your day as we have here.