Saturday, June 09, 2007

Something's Hinky...

I've taken the Noro cardi far enough down to be cast-off-able, but I think I was a little heavy-handed with the shaping decreases - the fronts curve away down to beside my hips, and require a lot of pulling to come anywhere near the centrefront.
Noro gets Hinky
I also think I'd like the ribbing to start earlier, so I'm considering ripping back to where I started the shaping decreases (under the bustline) and just going straight down, stocking stitch for an inch or two then ribbing it, bayy-beeee! Then I'll pick up for a buttonband, knit the sleeves, and jiggle the last bits of yarn to use it all up! Still looks like 3/4 sleeves, which is fine by me :)