Saturday, July 07, 2007

I've Taken Up the Challenge

I've joined the Tour de France Knitalong, in the Maillot Vert (Green Jersey) category - do you like my lovely new outfit in the sidebar? (Salut, 2paw - Allez les Verts!)
The rules for the Maillot Vert category are here: basically you have to pick a project that requires a bit of determination to finish within the 3 weeks of the Tour. the Prologue kicks off in London today (no idea what time that will be there or here), then the tour proper begins tomorrow with some charming English countryside, then across the channel and autour de la France! Le Site Officiel (en français) The Official Site (English)
To celebrate, I am going to be putting lots of gratuitous français throughout TdF KAL posts - mais parce que c'est si longtemps depuis que j'ai parlé français, ne vous inquietez pas: ce sera trés simple)
Voilà mes projets:

Jean-Pierre: une petite veste pour mon fils, conçue par mon fils

Sandrine: un petit pull choisi par ma fille pour sa-même.

(Translations: I haven't spoken French for ages, so it will all be easy stuff. My projects: Jean-Pierre is a vest for my son, designed by my son. Sandrine is a jumper chosen by my daughter for herself.)