Sunday, July 22, 2007

KIP with Penni

I have just had a nice relaxing afternoon KIPing with Penni, eating one lamington too many, and talking knitty stuff - lovely lovely lovely. (Note: excellent picture and recipe for lamingtons here)
We did actually have one person comment on what we were up to - an elderly gent who was a little hard of hearing, but very impressed by my Noro cardi! He later gently jested that he hoped we weren't supposed to be working at the bakery, because we'd been there so long :)
As for the cardi, I believe that the sleeves are done (needs one more proper try-on with the neckline on more circs), and Penni agrees with me that the buttonholes do need to be shifted, because the other side of the neckband is much brighter and prettier and more in keeping with the whole Technicolour DreamCardi effect (I think I've just come up with a Name for the Noro cardi, don't you??) - Wonder how much I can get done tonight? I'm going to wield a crochet hook and tink back each buttonhole and knit up again (yay for all of those posts reviewing Knit Fix!), then insert buttonholes on the other side in the same way. But not in front of GA!
In other news, there will be TdF knitting, and stealth knitting also (I'm not telling you what it is until there's been three guesses!!)