Thursday, July 12, 2007

TdF KAL Racing-style Commentary

"And Magic Needles rounds the bend just in front of Flying Fingers,
Flying Fingers is giving it all she's got but Magic Needles is still three stitches in front...

Coming up behind the leaders we have Soaring Socks, Beanie Genie and Lacey Racer...

Lacey Racer is making a break for it,
she's hit a garter ridge,
she's knitting her heart and soul into it - Yes! YES!!
Lacey Racer has overtaken Soaring Socks and Beanie Genie,
Lacey Racer is making a bid for third place, with Flying Fingers in second behind Magic Needles -

wait! Flying Fingers is pushing up the pace!
Flying Fingers has hit the armhole decreases!!
She's gaining on Magic Needles!!!
Can Magic Needles cling to her lead?
NO! NO!!! She's dropped a stitch!
Magic Needles has dropped a stitch!!!
She's doing her best with that crochet hook, but Holy Cashmere it's laddered!
Laddered down five rows!!
Magic Needles is out of the race,
Flying Fingers now a cert for first place, with Lacey Racer firmly in second place one row behind, followed by Soaring socks and Beanie Genie...

Soaring Socks and Beanie Genie are making a last minute effort, both have third place on their minds...

Beanie Genie has reached the crown, he's knitting two together like there's no tomorrow, he's on a speedy spiral there, but can he beat Soaring Socks?
Soaring Socks has got her two circs going full tilt, whipping those things round - has she got a tangle? Is she going to fall victim to a tangle of two yarns? NO! She's up! She's still in the race!

And Flying Fingers is first past the post, followed by Lacey Racer in second,
coming up in third place we have Beanie Genie and Soaring Socks..
Soaring Socks is going neck and neck with Beanie Genie ...
Who is it? Whose gauge has made the difference?

Beanie Genie!! Beanie Genie takes third place with a rapid decrease flat crown, while Soaring Socks comes fourth with a stretchy bind-off...

What a race!
What excitement!!
It doesn't get better than this!!!