Friday, July 20, 2007

TdF - Sandrine is joining the team

After a tension swatch, body measurements, design input from recipient (a very decided 4 yr old with clear sense of colour), much riffling through pattern books and magazines, several Googles, and 2 false starts on the back, I am ready to start with a sleeve, and am using the directions for sleeve, armhole and neck shaping from here - I'm thinking that this site is going to turn out to be FABULOUS for me, seeing as I don't have that Handy Book of Patterns that everyone else has *sigh*.
Here is the 2nd false start, where I worked out the right type and rate of increases to get a nice curve, and then decided that no way will I put icord all the way around every piece to straighten them out - moss stitch edging, here we come, bayybeee!