Thursday, August 02, 2007

Introducing my scruffy pals

I was remiss in my social duties:
On the left we have Holly the Christmas Pirate, and on the right is Ziggy.

Holly is my first dog, whom I bought for myself at Christmas time 9 1/2 years ago - thus the name :) She is a Maltese Shih Tzu cross, with the black head and white skullcap that is very common amongst that mix. She is loving, playful, licky, territorial, smart, prefers a shower to a bath, loves really big bones, and has gradually learned not to fear children. She is also very woofy, which was not a problem where we lived before, but now that we are in a suburban house, I need to work on retraining her in that area.
ETA: I forgot to say that she only recently became a pirate - we returned from Xmas on the mainland to discover that she had glaucoma in her left eye, which in dogs is treated by removing the eye. The vet said that it develops very quickly, and is quite painful, but that she would feel much better without it. The scar healed up very nicely and she hasn't slowed down at all - sometimes she is surprised by Ziggy or the pram coming up on her left side, but otherwise piratehood it hasn't worried her at all.

Ziggy is the 6 yr old bitser son of my MIL's two housedogs, which were a Foxy X Jack Russell and a Maltese X Chihuahua X Silky Terrier X don't know what else, so his ancestry is best left a mystery! He had a dark grey zigzag down his back as a puppy, hence the name, but that has faded over time. He is a very amiable, friendly, bouncy, slightly nippy, gluttonous idiot, who is excellent with children, no matter what they try to do. His companionship has made Holly much happier when I'm working, and watching them chase each other around the backyard is enormous fun, especially since Holly is faster and corners better, but also smarter: she picks a likely point, stops and waits for Ziggy to tear past, catching him as he goes by, but in 6 years Ziggy still hasn't figured this out!!!