Thursday, September 06, 2007

Ooh La, La, La, La, Love!!!

So, after wandering vaguely in and out of the two nearest newsagencies for several weeks, I finally found a new season knitting mag I like! Vogue Fall 2007 - oh my goodness, I am pacing myself to leave some of the toothsome articles for later, so having read one or two I was flicking onwards but was stopped in my tracks by page 44:

Would that not look just fabulous on a womanly figure with a few curves to hold up the top front and a few more to flirt out the hemline???
Oh the Palpitations of Instantaneous Infatuation!!!!
It takes about 25 balls of yarn (no I haven't compared yardage), so I''m thinking if I wait for another $2/ball sale at you know where, $60 and 6 months later I would have The Greatest Coat Ever!!!!
What do you reckon?