Monday, October 29, 2007

Dithering and anxious

Today I was going to fill you in on a few purchases of the yarny variety made last Monday (before the epic curtain saga), since I finally took some pictures, but something far more important and blog-worthy occurred last night - I discovered **gasp** a miscrossed cable!!! I know!! what potential for disaster!!! I haven't yet ripped back, because it is two repeats back (16 rows), and I haven't unravelled yet, because they are 10st cables. My excuse was knitting in front of blogs. This is the day before:
2 cable repeats
At the left-hand edge of the pattern is where I made the mistake... **sigh**

I think this is a sign that I should take the knitting off the needles and wash and block it and check my gauge, and then I'll decide for sure - it was only one day's worth of knitting, I won't die if i have to fix/rip back. Also, this is a sleeve, and that cable runs along the underarm seam, and really, how much time so I spend with my arms over my head anyway?

mulling it over...