Sunday, October 21, 2007

Fun with Friends

Yesterday I met up with Penni and Kim-from-Alaska at the Botanical Gardens for a little mid-month KIP. Penni and I had our two charming daughters, so our knitting was interspersed with doling out food and drink, arranging hats, wiping faces and removing important items from fingering proximity! Kim is working on a Swallowtail shawl, and fighting with border charts and stitch numbers and so on, so wish her luck! Penni was working on her Koigu sock, which comes out very pretty... oh and Kim showed us some Jitterbug, too, which she is turning into a wonderful pair of Monkeys! I did not go home with anyone else's lush sock yarn, but the urge to buy a little something special in honour of my birthday is getting hard to resist!
Here are some kitschy patterns Penni is lending me for ideas for the Aussie Tea Cosy swap (a Ravelry-facilitated event, watch the forum boards for the next one!)
Kitschy ideas
Penni brought homemade scones, with some lush jam and cream, of which Miss 1 totally approved!
Jammy Dodger

Penni also brought with her some birthday goodies for me! I am feeling very lucky!!
Prezzies from Penni There's still some chocky left, but not much (I did share a little with the MOMD), and I tested the liquid-holding properties of the gorgeous mug yesterday afternoon - may I say, form and function match perfectly!! And the cloth is very cute (have fiddled with contrast and whatnot to try to make the pattern stand out - it's kind of coral-coloured in real life). Teacloth It's now my official teacloth!

I was late yesterday morning, however, because as I crossed the backyard, the fence decided to pop apart!
Hole in the corner
This is the nearly put-back-together panel of fence - the top rail was not properly riveted in at the end (ie not at all), so after all the wind we've been having, it was obviously vibrated far enough out of whack that it just popped off in the next breeze (I'd like to think that it was the sheer power of my presence as I crossed the grass.....) And we got to meet the nice lady over the fence, who liked my miraculously-not-barking dogs! So, an eventful morning!!