Sunday, October 21, 2007


So, on my birthday I had a peaceful breakfast (a joyous occasion in and of itself) and then the distant rustlings and mutterings became a procession of kids and prezzies.

Birthday prezzies

From my nearest and dearest I received a pair of earrings (hanging on the cookbook), a dvd of Bride and Prejudice, the enormous purple tub (which is much more purply in real life) and another item. From my parents I had a parcel with fabulous Jill Dupleix book Good Cooking, some authentic Chinese Oolong tea, and some South African nougat in dark chocolate (scoffed that day, no pics!)

But what, I hear you ask, was the other item? Well, it was something we really needed, and were going to get for our wedding anniversary the other week, 'cept we forgot about it (!), and actually my hubby will use it more than I will until I find a job...
Can you tell what it was?

Old and New