Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Saturday was my Funday

Further to the effort to catch up on all belated news, I give you Saturday!

Saturday was our monthly snb at a cafe near the wharves. Penni came to pick me up, a little later than anticipated, but still she had to sit and watch me finish some sewing for one of our knitty friends, because even having about 3 weeks notice is not enough time for me to complete a one-hour sewing job. Just call me Last-Minute Lucy (my Mum does)...

So we wander in a little late, and find that the charming Kim from Alaska had arrived before us, and had had to introduce herself to the more punctual knitters - who had not known she was coming!!! Kim comes to Hobart every October for work, and this year decided to use the Power of Ravelry to seek out Hobart knitters, namely Penni and then your humble blogservant here. So we three have been e-chatting for a few weeks and very much looking forward to this snb date! Kim promised to wear her Kauni Forest Canopy Shawl (go and look at it!!! REALLY, LOOK AT IT NOW!!!!), and I said I'd be in my TechniColour Dream Cardi, so there was no need for rosebuds or secret handsignals :P

While we are standing there doing intros and gasps of admiration etc, in walks another new knitter, Housefrau, who we hope to see more than once a year, since she's a local! Housefrau is another Ravelry connection, and we had fun discussing knitting preferences and stash obsessions and weird kindergarten hours that leave no time for important things like trips to the LYS :>

Saturday was always going to be fun, but wait! There's more!! Blackie brought her brand new Phoebe to visit, and had we not all peeped inside the babysling, we would never have known she was there! Blackie departed the snb with various prezzies peeking out the top of her bag, including the reason I made Penni so late!

We sat and knitted and touched Penni's Koigu (I didn't even try to steal it!! Honest!) and ogled Kim's rainbow shawl (want Kauni. want Kauni now) and ate nice things and drank nice hot things (pretty cool here still - I was glad though, coz I would've cooked in my cardi if it was warm, and no way would I have worn anything else for the visitor day!!!) I got this far with my Stormy Rainbows sock:Stormy Rainbows update

And one of the best bits? Kim surprised me with an AWESOME early bday gift!!!
the cutest card:The cutest spinning/knitting sheep scene ever

This fantastic book:
Surprise B'day Prezzie!!
I finished it that night (had to skim a few bits to reach the last page before bed, because I was worn out from all the excitement - my life is just so like a 24 hour amusement park, hey?) and then rescued it from kids on Sunday and had time on Monday morning to sit in the sun and read the sweater patterns properly, and immediately started evolving plans for some JS DK in my stash... but I have to finish some socks and gifts and whatnot first.. alas and alack!