Thursday, November 22, 2007


I bought a greywater hose last week to put the wastewater from the washing machine onto the backyard grass (it doesn't fit the smooth, even, weedless, well-mown definition of 'lawn').
The good news: the grass (and weeds) are thrilled, and abandoning brownness with every load of washing.
The other news: my ability to have laundry/water accidents continues. I discovered, to the unamusement of the MOMD, that:

  • if you coil the hose up inside the laundry so as to shut the door
  • and then do a load of washing the next day
  • without putting the end of the hose outside on the grass,
  • the laundry/bathroom will flood
  • everything on the floor will get wet (dirty clothes don't mind a pre-wash rinse, do they?)
  • the lip of metal on the doorstep will prevent any water less than 1/2 inch deep escaping harmlessly into the backyard
  • the water has nowhere to go due to the resounding absence of any kind of drainhole in the floor (what were those renovators thinking????)
  • the water will therefore have no choice but to trickle around the edges of the sheet lino
  • travel through the flooring materials underneath
  • and leak onto the path outside (east)
  • and into the shed behind (south)
  • and probably under the other wall (west) but we didn't look
  • and under the floor of the 3rd bedroom (north), but that's just a guess.
  • To get rid of it you can try soaking it up and squeezing it out of lots of towels (MOMD)
  • or you can view this as an opportunity to mop the floor really well, and get a headstart on the washing (me).
I put the hose back outside on the grass today.