Sunday, November 04, 2007

Today's News

Well, today and yesterday. Today I bought 2 patterns from Chic Knits, CeCe and Twist, both of which have been hibernating in my subconscious for many many months. So why the sudden decision? Well, yesterday at snb Jen was using some Bamboo/Cotton (70/30) from the Big Red Spot, and it was so soft, and she and Penni were discussing the currently discounted price, so before we headed home, Penni and I did the drop-in, and found a small range of colours at $2.39, so I ummed and ahhed and bought 11 balls of

(wait for it)

purple ;P

Penni is inclined to think that it is very close to the colour of the alpaca, but Purrr-ple enthusiasts know that you can never have too many shades of purple to choose from! And the chartreuse-y, lime-y green, the white, the mushroom pink, the mushroom grey, the black, the coral and the smokey blue were just not going to work for me. I like deep strong bright colours (no, really??), and am trying to put years of sensible, professional, teaching-wardrobe purchases behind me. Had there been a wine-red, a french navy, a forest green, I might have chosen differently, but I know that I love this colour, so I'm happy! (And I checked out the CeCe gallery on Ravelry, and there's a purple one in there, and I think it looks pretty good, so I'm double happy!)

Pics when there's a swatch!