Sunday, March 09, 2008

It wasn't that bad... was it?

Now come on, people, how drunk did I sound???
Surely the phonetic imitation of tipsy speech was an indicator that I was not far enough under the influence to do any real damage????

So, the sock is safe - instead I swatched some magic ball knitting - Penni and I discussed ideas yesterday over a cuppa (and the most enormous pots of tea any cafe has ever served for $3.20), and last night I swatched for hemline ideas (and I think it will work very well).

Today was a trip to A Taste of the Huon - a food festival just south of Hobart, lots of yummy yummy things, and a sprinkling of plants/crafts/entertainers. It was a hot day though, and I came home (having woken up at 5 am and been unable to go back to sleep) to a horrible headache, so there was no photography of the sock, the other projects, the swatching, or the little ball of red and purple yumminess that may have thrown itself off the alpaca table at me....

So as the panadeine kicks in, and my typing gets dodgier (trust me, there's been a lot of deleting going on here), I shall leave you all to be tantalised and totally lacking in pictures or links - until the morrow!