Tuesday, May 27, 2008

BG mitts

Whilst I have been unable to prevent an unseemly amount of housecleaning from occurring these past two mornings, I have nonetheless made great time on some beautifully selfish knitting...

I borrowed the box set of Battlestar Galactica, and am up to about episode 6 - and so far I have been concentrating on just one project - I give you the BG arm-warmers:

Evangeline-esque number 1 and 1/3
This is the warm-fingered style, for when I do not need to do any fine work and prefer not to leave my fingers out to become iced digits.

Then we have the action-style, inspired by the folded back cuff of the Axel Mitts:
Folded cuff and next arm-warmer

Pattern: Evangeline, from the Sweet Sheep.
Yarn: Patons Jet wool/alpaca blend, colourway 12
Needles: 4mm casein dpns
Modifications: 18 rows of elbow cuff and finger cuff, only 6 repeats of cable pattern, because I like a deeper ribbing, and I didn't want them all the way to the elbow because it would make fitting them under jumper or jacket too difficult. Making the finger cuff long means I can fold it back when I want to use my fingers, and cover up when it gets too freezing.

EToF: um, maybe tomorrow night?