Thursday, May 01, 2008

Friends! and Finished!! and Bought!!!

Hey folks - how's it going? I'm pretty busy, but am getting a handle on the fastest way home, which days mean cream bikkies in the bikkie jar, which students are ratbags, etc etc.

Last weekend, to celebrate the Great Aussie Tradition of Going Away for the Long Weekend, we went away. In fact, we went Up. Up to Latrobe, in the north of the state, to visit Tink and co. On the way, we stopped in Launceston for a mid-afternoon break and get together with 2paw and amandaj. Such lovely ladies! We strolled along the boardwalk until we found a cafe that would do tea, coffee and cakes, then sat and chatted and knitted and sipped and nibbled until it was time to get going. In the car on the way up I finished a washcloth for 2paw, in a gentle green 8ply cotton, the pattern (which I adored knitting - completely fun!!) is Spring Arbor washcloth from K1, P1 Keeping You in Stitches:
Spring Arbor Washcloth
However, I couldn't find a needle in my bag anywhere and had to gift it with the ends unwoven!!!! (bad bloggy friend) 2paw had come prepared and gifted me with a new pencil case for my new job - into which I immediately placed the Salty Toes socks-in-progress - I have priorities!!! Sadly I forgot to take a pic yesterday (bad blogger - again) but will rectify this weekend.

and then there is the finishing news - my Sock Knitter's Pentathlon 2008 Jacobean socks are DONE!!!
Jacobeans are finished!!!

and I just looked at the time so I'll fill the links in later, but here is what I did with a little bit of my first pay packet:
New Job Treats
A picture speaks a thousand words???