Wednesday, June 04, 2008

(Nowhere Near Full) Disclosure

For ease of access (ie total laziness) I have gradually accumulated a pile of Big Tub of Knitting and Accessories and Implements, Rainbow Basket of Knitting, Plastic Tub of Cardigan Yarn, and about Four Bags of WIPS, and a 20cm deep Pile of Knitting Books and Magazines beside my preferred spot on the lounge.

'So?' I hear you cry - 'Perfectly natural knitter behaviour'

Well, yes, however there is the small difficulty of having a small person in the house who is fascinated by things that fascinate those around her - so she will grab needles, yarn, bags and books at random from my Knitting Stuff and carry it off until

  1. she is discovered
  2. she gets bored and drops it wherever she happens to have wandered to
  3. she gets herself so tangled in yarn that she wails for release.
Thus, over the past little while, some of my WIPS have lost needles, had skeins of yarn unwound, rewound and thrust back in their general direction, or have parted company with their patterns. After the latest event (unpacking my Harmony needles and snapping a 2mm one) I decided it was time for a bit of Affirmative Action.

Behold, the mess transferred to my bed:time to re-sort


The tub of implements needing further sorting:implements

Weird random stuff excavated from the depths - take particular note of the acorn, the scallop shell, the screwdriver, the Bill Granger cooking cdrom, Lunaria Honesty seeds, and a shoe sponge:weird stuff from sorting frenzy

And the Final Line-up:all organised!

All those WIP bags are now safely tucked into my big purple tub, tucked away in a different spot where it is slightly less tempting for that smallest person with destructive powers inversely proportionate to her size.

Now, where'd I put that sock bag?