Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Can I start yet? Can I? Can I?

Wa hey! The new Sock Knitter's Pentathlon 08 sock is up - and it has cables!!!!

The Rattlesnake Creek socks (pdf link) from How The West Was Spun. (Ravelry link)

Now I'm dithering (nothing new there) over what to knit them out of. Lots of cables, so variegated is out. I have one ball of petrol-blue patonyle, but cables will eat yarn so even just subbing heel and toe in something else will not give me long enough socks. I have a dark Heirloom Argyle tweedy yarn, but it is probably too dark to show the cables.
What I really need is for that bag of sockyarn from Elann to arrive right about now - otherwise, I will not be held responsible for any purchasing that may happen this weekend....

In actual knitting content, I finished the toe on my Berlin, and am dithering (again!!) because it came out pointy because I didn't read the instructions carefully enough. Having ripped and redone the toe end of the sock about three times in order to get it right, I think I'm probably going to redo those last 12 rows again with the right decreases. It won't take long, and then I can start #2 before I start the new pair!!!

Happy happy project planning :>