Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Updating on knitting and whatnot

  1. My Tour de France KAL project: I call it "Ondulation", which means 'waves', because the pattern moves in waves like the riders streaming around corners as they travel through the gorgeous French countryside. IT is actually a bit longer than that now after a couple of evenings in front of the tv, but those pics will follow later! Ondulation
  2. My Wedge Hat doesn't have too much farther to go - I'm hoping to get it done before next week: Wedge hat
  3. Argosy is coming along quite nicely thankyou, and even louder in person than it was in the ball: Argosy begun
  4. This is a basic vest for me, in the neverending stash of Jet; I haven't touched it over the last week, but its time will come (probably after the TdFKAL): Vest waist
  5. I have done the first cable round on the Rattlesnake Creek socks, and hope to do a few more tonight - we'll see how the tiredness goes.
  6. To close, Ribby Man has been getting a little sight-seeing done - he is in Paris at the moment, and here he is taking in the glory of the Palais du Luxembourg: Ribby Man gets culture at the Luxembourg Palace