Saturday, February 28, 2009

What a week!

It's no wonder I have a cold in the head today - it was a very busy week when I frequently skipped relaxing to do something work-related.
Sunday evening - church service to welcome the new school chaplain
Monday - New Parents dinner
Tuesday - 5/6 Parent Info night (as the Teacher Librarian)
Wednesday - skipped the infants Parent Info night to go to yoga so as not to be totally incapacitated come Friday
Thursday - 3/4 Parent Info night, as both teacher and parent
Friday - didn't leave school till after 4.30, went shopping and bought purple shoes These are actually purple (trust me, they are purple, not that weird red/brown/purple I'm seeing on my screen) and lipstick (plus Clinique gift bag, yay!), both the kind of personal purchases I rarely make, and much to be enjoyed; also a book that is apparently a sci-fi retelling of the Count of Monte Cristo, with a female lead!! Then stupidly decided to read my other book until the noise from band at cricket club stopped ie after midnight.
Saturday - buy dancing shoes for Miss S, then take her to dancing; get lunch at about 2pm, go for a snooze at 3, Miss V wakes up, I discover that tiredness has morphed into a cold in the head that is making unpleasant hints of sinusitis. I shall be skipping hubby's hockey bbq tonight, which is a shame because they're nice folks and it's fun to get out of the house and be social.
Oh well. At least I can get some more knitting done on this:
Something Navy

Postscript: I started this post before dinner. It is now just after 9pm, children have returned home, other child had been asleep for approx 30 seconds, and whilst I managed to eat my dinner, it was not hot by the time I got to the last bite, and I have not yet picked up my needles. Miss V is midway through toilet-training, so dry during the day, nappies for sleeps, and the delaying tactic fifteen minutes after going to bed of the long, slow and yet productive visit to the toilet, because of which production we can't deny her the sitting, despite knowing full well that she's exercising that new-found control to string it out for as long as is intestinally possible. All the parents out there know what I'm saying.