Friday, April 17, 2009

NOTE: Change of blog address!!

I've shifted over to Wordpress, so come join me at

there's pictures...... :>


Thursday, April 09, 2009

Hmm, at least it happened when I wasn't about to be busy

I had a little dingle in the traffic this afternoon, not my fault - I stopped for the two cars in front of me who had stopped for the bus, but the older gent in the done-300,000-kms-ute behind me couldn't stop in time. So DS had a shock and a bump on the back of his head, I can't open my boot (yay for folding back seats), and we have to get quotes and ring AAMI on Tuesday. The car still works, but the bumper, boot door (station wagon you see) are cactus, and the chassis is now wonky so the rear doors are not happy about closing smoothly. The quite nice older gent has car insurance, no arguing about fault, so no big stress. We have a week off school for Easter, and then after one day of work I head off to Sydney for a book-buying trip (yay perks!) so I won't need my car for about two weeks anyway.

Maybe it is time to scan the smaller, cheaper-to-run car ads....

Silver linings, friends, silver linings.

Which, coincidentally, is what yo ufind inside Easter egg wrappers...

Happy Easter!!!

PS: two glasses of red (only one day early), and I think that paté on toast is a perfectly acceptable option for dinner. And the kids (big treat) got macca's.

I don't think I shoudl knit anything that incolves countign tonight. As you anc see, my ordeds are out of whack.


Monday, April 06, 2009

No wonder I'm cold!!!

I think perhaps Autumn has hit.

It was very cold when I got up (way too early - end of Daylight Saving plus too many thinkings), and I'm wrapped in Noro cardi, Noro wrap, pjs, tracky pants, socks, moccasins and a rug. According to the weather website, it is currently 6* C, feels like 2* C, and we can look forward to maybe 13* C this afternoon. More like real winter.

I wonder if it snowed on the mountain last night?

I wonder where I put my gloves???


Thursday, April 02, 2009

Let me paint you a picture

A lounge room, wooden floor, mustard walls, old gold curtains, huge redgum dining table, squooshy dark green lounge.
On the floor beside the lounge, a scattering of knitting paraphenalia: rainbow basket of small things, black bag of knitting-to-go, blue bag of long-term WIPs, green bag with shawl...
On the coffee table in front of the lounge, fighting for space amongst the children's paper, pencils, videos, dvds, baby doll carrycot and random pieces of clothing, is last night's knitting. Two long, pale blue casein needles are bundled together with the pale pink cotton cardi they are creating. The cotton is fine, soft, the fabric is light, smooth, even. One sleeve flops out like the ear of a toy bunny, and about the same size. A friend at work was surprised by the very, very early arrival of her baby girl, and as I knit this cardi, I hope that her daughter grows strong and well, and am endlessly grateful for the healthy children I have, who never needed clothes this small.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Bear With Me

Last night I sat up late tidying up files, deleting old software and bits and bobs, and then I installed Mac OS X Leopard, and this morning I added iLife '09 and iWork '09. So this weekend I will be getting used to using the newer versions of the basic software, and reacquainting myself with Pages and Keynote, both of which will apparently talk to Office 07 - quite useful now that work has upgraded everything.
In more computer geekery, I'm thinking it could be time to set up a Wordpress blog, so I can do galleries and stuff, so there may be some messing around taking up my time. I can't promise lots of blogging while that happens, but I can tell you that I've nearly finished the ribbing on the body of my Something Navy, and with two dance classes to watch this morning, I should get quite a bit done! I'm also feeling the sock urge - as Tink noted, it is definitely feeling autumnal down here - today the wind is gusting pretty fiercely (up to 54km/h according to the weather site), and even though it is supposed to warm up later, currently it is only 14.4* C, and my feet are not warm.
I hope you've all got some fun planned for your weekend!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

In the Spirit of Scientific Enquiry

It is obviously my duty to look on my sad wine mishap as an opportunity to undertake a scientific assessment of available wines to determine which wines will suit me best.

This will of course involve sacrificing some of my personal time, due to the necessity of visiting a variety of wine sellers in pursuit of a suitable range of wines to constitute an acceptable sample size.

There will also be the onerous task of having to open a new bottle every Friday night - I'm not sure whether I have the stamina for the task, but I know that with your support I can give it a red-hot go.

Now, however, in preparation for the task that awaits, I am getting ready for yoga - I need to be calm and relaxed, untroubled by the stresses of everyday life, if I am to be properly objective about my task.