Friday, September 01, 2006

Cranky cranky cranky...

People ask why we had a third baby, and this morning I wouldn't be able to answer...
Feed baby till she finishes - 2am,
give dummy to baby 2.35am, 2.40 am, 2.45am, 2.50 am, 2.55 am,
give up and feed baby again
and finally get more sleep 3am;
be woken by leaky baby 5.30am,
change baby and feed baby 5.45am,
hear whinging of 3yrold 6am,
tell 3yrold to turn light on herself 6.05am, 6.10am, 6.15am, 6.20am,
hubby gets up and solves problem;
dozing gratefully 6.25am,
hear 6yrold bouncing around 6.30am, 6.35am, 6.40am,
joined by 3yrold 6.45am, 6.50 am,
hear repeated shrieks, laughs, screams, whines and assorted thumpy noises 6.51am, 6.52am, 6.53am, 6.54 am etc etc etc, hubby gets up to solve, then showers;
noises begin again, get up at 7.15 to Sort Them Out,
but beaten to it by hubby leaning out of the shower to send children into their rooms.

Now, the baby I can handle, or indeed the other two - been there, done that before, BUT because of the baby, I was in sleep-deprived mode and did not get up at 6.05 or 6.30 to firmly put children back into bed, which of course led to fairly horrific start to the day.
All of which has led me to understand that I MUST go to Spotlight TODAY and purchase some blockout material to hang behind the vertical blinds in children's rooms. This far south the days are starting earlier and earlier as we head into spring, so "rise with the sun" behaviour will get yuckier and yuckier if I don't Put A Stop To It Right Now!!! I will ignore the aesthetics and tie fabric to the three brackets along each window, I will not hem, fuss or improve in any way, I will just Cover Those Windows >=[