Friday, September 01, 2006

Knitting has happened!

Hubby brought home a couple of dvds last night, so we put on "The Brothers Grimm" with Heath Ledger and Matt Damon - both eminently watchable lads :) I was too tired to watch and knit, but looking through the extras later, I got out J's mitred squares beanie, hereinafter to be referred to as the Blues Crown:

The pattern is 'Diamond Head', by David Xenakis, pp24-27 of Hats - A Knitter's Dozen - I wanted to learn how to do mitred squares in a manageable way before trying something big like a throwrug - and I love this hat! It is so much fun, I may need one myself :) J is at school so S is doing the modelling honours!
And this is the progress on her knee highs - I have to redo the toe again - about 8 rows too long, which accounts for the pointy-snout look :)

I'm hoping they still fit next winter, because judging by the local weather - 20-ish deg C today and yesterday - she won't be wearing 8-ply wool socks more than about twice this year!! [Must get one of those Weather Pixies - they are so cute]

I've had my tea, bikkies and chocky, and feel much more human and less likely to devour my own offspring - time to get organised, go to the gym for a little workout before lunch and earn my Spotlight adventure... I wonder what knitting gear they have??? [evil chuckle]