Wednesday, September 20, 2006

I am infecting my children (in a good, knitty way)

My daughter S announced to me (through the shower door) this morning that she wants "this book" - A Knitter's Magazine - and would I make her something from it? Of course I told her she could choose something, and got on with the morning with an idle wondering as to what impossible item she might choose, and how to steer her towards a cotton hoodie cardi (it is Spring here, after all). She chose

And my son J saw us talking about the picture and decided he wants this one!

I foresee a visit to the Stash Boxes, followed by a drive to the Spot of Cheap Yarn, followed by white-knuckled resisting of the temptation to go on towards the Place of Nice Yarn, where I lost my last battle against the temptation for stash enhancement [but only a little bit].