Wednesday, September 20, 2006

In a blogging mood today

Yes, there's more...
Cruising through my list of regular blog-reading, I found a comment on this post, where Jae asks "why blog?" ~ I thought about it a bit, and a bit more, and mug of tea to hand, chocky bikkie crumbs in lap, I shall contribute my mite to the discussion.
My reasons range from very superficial to somewhat existential/philosophical.

  • I like gadgets that do stuff, and both my Mac and blogs satisfy this

  • I like knitting, but have no-one to knit with

  • I have just moved state with a new baby and 2 kids - I know very few people where we live now

  • I find it difficult to get out and meet new people - new baby and 2 kids!

  • I have more time to play with my computer now I'm at home

  • I can't garden, cook or walk the dogs much at the moment, and all my books are in storage while we rent, so in the absence of my other hobbies...

  • I have more time to play with knitting and to think and read about knitting, so of course I want to *talk* about knitting too

  • It's something I can do while eating breakfast, nursing the baby, and talking with my kids, all at the same time - it doesn't require continuous concentration the way that reading French does, for instance

  • I'm endlessly curious about other people and what they think of things

  • I'm inspired by the success of other knitters to *stick* with my knitting and not give it away too easily

  • I get a kick out of finding people who have this one thing in common with me - it confirms my belief that there is some way in which every single one of us has something to offer, no matter how different our personal backgrounds, religious beliefs, political views, lifestyle choices, career paths or technological skills

  • It is a place for me to let rip with something that doesn't have to be about my children's needs, or my personal relationships, or my next uni assignment, or the washing that needs doing

  • It is a place for me to have creative control, where my self-expression is only limited by my ability to string the right words together, and to figure out how best to package it all with my newbie blogging & html template-changing skills

  • It answers an endless need to talk!! I come from a line of articulate women, I depend on conversations with friends to help me organise and think through ideas and explore life's experiences, and now that I am so far away, blogging provides an alternative to endless emails and a bit of peace for my DH (who is a total honey, but *not* talkative - I married an engineer, I knew what I was in for!)

And as I finish this, the (fixed!!) washing machine shudders to the end of the spin cycle, the herbs need potting (so they can come with us when we eventually find a house), the baby is still (astonishingly) asleep, and an invigoratingly unpredictable spring sky is glowing outside.
Best drag us all out there to enjoy the afternoon while we can :)