Friday, September 15, 2006

Is it? Could it really be? No! YES!! It's an FO!!!

My son J proudly models his Blues Crown. Whilst I had every intention of filling in the triangles around the brim, he likes them the way they are, so there you have it folks! An actual Finished Object!
Pattern "Diamond Head", from Hats: a Knitter's Dozen
Yarn 2 balls Cleckheaton Country 8ply from The Stash Boxes, 1 ball Carnival 8ply, all 100% Australian wool
Needles 4mm casein dpn (much easier to do little knitting on short needles)
Alterations one less diamond around, and one less row of diamonds at the brim; one extra round of smaller diamonds to make the star at the crown, because it was going to buckle up and make the top of J's head look deformed!

Fun Rating: *****
Difficulty: *1/2

And now I can do mitres!!! Nothing can stop me now! Ahah hahhah ha haaa.....