Tuesday, October 17, 2006

I Am So Lucky!!!

Today I turned 33-years-fabulous, and have had prezzies from DH and darling kids, and phone calls from rels (the parcels are in the mail!).

The Fantabulous VK Stitchionary - to give me a book about knitting shows great insight into my likes! And the iPod nano is to help me keep on keeping on at the gym - you can't see it, but the blue highlighted title is a Lime & Violet podcast!!! *wiggly joy joy*
I have been twitching over the pictures in my book, and iPodded my way through 40+minutes at the gym today - I forecast some swatching to Lime & Violet in the near future - once I've done some stash-diving and had more sleep ..... mmm, sleeeeep... I remember sleep...in the dim, dark, distant days before babies were invented....zzz...zzzzz...