Monday, October 16, 2006

FO! and a little more jaystrolling...

Here it is, buttoned-up and modelled by V! The buttons are not terribly amazing, but they are flat (babies like to roll on their tummies) and they do not scream "Bad Colour Match" as loudly as the other options at the local Spot of Cheap Yarn. So they will do! although there were some cute little buttons, opaque pastels, with lowercase letters in a typewriter style type-face on them - I did consider 'b-a-b-y', but thought that would scream "Cutsie Wootsie Woo", so no, but maybe 'g-i-r-l' would have been a good idea? People do ask... :)

And I have had a little time in front of the tv, so there has been progress on the So-Not-My-Size Jaystrolling Sock, as you can see.

But lastly, did you see this wedding dress??