Friday, October 06, 2006

Just outside our door

there is the most gorgeous wisteria making a massive display of heavenly purpleness - the bees all adore it, and I've seen at least 4 species today - the ones we love the best are these huge bumblebees - they are as big as the end of one of my fingers, joint-to-tip ie over 1/2 an inch!!!
I took so many photos to get this one - they are very busy bees, and very speedy bees too!

Yesterday was not a knitting day - I sat down at the laptop after dinner to get some work done for uni - but first I had a little play with Y! messenger, which turned into a lovely long chat with my Mum, and I tried out the webcam function with the iSight thingy above my screen - what a laugh!! It (Y! M webcam) takes 0.77 frames per second, so it all goes in slo-mo stop-motion animation.
I told DH what fun we were having, so he brought himself in to have a look, and decided to join in. Cue playtime: hide behind me, pop out left, hide behind me, pop out right, hide behind me, pop out above etc etc - he thought he was hilarious (which in all fairness he was) - especially when he got the giant Madagascar penguin and started looming it in for a closeup then pulling away really fast - oh and he did a big smooch for my Mum a couple of inches from the camera - now that was a scary angle ;)
Will be getting the kids in on the act soon, once we coordinate timezones and schedules - Mum is really looking forward to that - it's tough being 3000-odd kms away from the grandkids.

Oooh! And DH went to the dentist yesterday to see about a hole in his tooth, and I kid you not - he is having Root Canal Therapy TOO!! I just laughed all night long - still makes me giggle. It's ok, it's not the surgery or the bills, but the fact that my dead teeth are from a rollerskating accident 20 years ago, but his little problem would be years of couldn't-be-bothered-cleaning-his-teeth-properly-if-at-all, and the only reason he cleans pretty regularly now is coz he don't get no smooches if he don't smell good!!!!! So, vindication is mine!!!!