Thursday, October 05, 2006


I really really like my dentsist - by the time dinner came around, I no longer needed any paracetemol at all!! So she obviously did a good job on Visit 1 of Phase 1 of Root Canal Therapy on Tooth 21. Makes the prospect of another 4 visits much easier to take - though my DH was somewhat dismayed by the amount we will have to cough up after the private health insurance payments. But hey! I'll keep my own teeth! His turn next - wonder if he'll be told to floss more often?

Virtuous this morning - cleaned up the results of having dogs in backyard, sorted washing, cleaned bath, basin and toilet, did a load of sheets (made it rain), did the washing up, unpacked the dishwasher [pause to shoo the dogs outside - even if they were actually clean, this is a no-dogs-inside-lease], all in the space of an hour!!! If only I could be so efficient every morn, the house would not look like it does!! ;P

AND I even got several rounds done on my jaywalker (jaystrolling-gently-in-no-particular-hurry) last night, as V did not wake up during the evening/night until the wee smalls - thankfully without weeing on her smalls for a nice change [whispering so she doesn't hear me typing this and wake up before I do some uni work]