Tuesday, October 10, 2006

My daughters are psychic

Or at least really tuned in to our routines!
Daughter #2 (baby V) has developed an uncanny knack for waking up and yelling for a feed at 9.30pm, just as I sit down with cuppa and bikkie to watch Grey's (or whatever) and knit a bit. Feeding her in front of the tv, of course, means she wakes up properly and doesn't go straight back to sleep, so my lap is occupied for at least 30 mins, longer when DH declines cuddle time in favour of watching my frustration at yet more looking-after-baby instead of doing something else (ie knitting) - as if I didn't have enough babytime in my day..*gnashing of teeth* (ooh, chocky bikkie crumbs, yum!)

Daughter #1 (S) sleeps through all the normal toilet/teeth/pjs noises as we get ready for bed, waits 1/2 hour till we are dropping off to sleep, then wakes up crying to go to the toilet (and you don't want to be too slow helping a 3yrold who needs the loo in the middle of the night). I mean, carrying her to the toilet at 11.30 is better than changing her sheets at 2am, but wouldn't it be easier if she woke up just as we started getting ready???

So, I've done about 6 rounds of decreases at the gusset of my jay-strollers - not really worth the hassle of trying to upload a pic to Blogger, is it?
ok, nappy, school, shops, home, feed the starving hordes, bring in the washing, make some dinner, get kids into bath on time for a change, serve dinner, clean up, do some uni work, find something trashy on tv and maybe I will be allowed to have a go at some knitting! *touch wood*

PS Doctor Who - how about that for a finale???
PPS The Knitting Episode of Grey's!!! WooHoo!! Note Meredith The Beginner with Chunky Wood Needles vs Izzy The Accomplished with Shiny Fast Needles - are they the famous Addis?