Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Thwarted, but not defeated

I may feel cactus, knackered, exhausted, bone-weary, wrung-out, frustrated, annoyed and not particularly happy about being woken up at 15min intervals from 4am this morning, but I Will Not Be Defeated By My Daughters, Seperately Or In Tandem.

gussetSo, since a nap, or even concentrating on uni work were not going to happen, I finished a toddler sock (xmas knitting) that I started on Sunday night, ends are woven in, and second cuff is nearly done. The pattern is the Mini Basketweave Toddler Socks from Stitches of Violet. I don't know whether it's the 8ply (DK) blue/purple/green stash wool, the 3.7mm dpns, or the fun pattern, but after jaywalking the 4ply on 2.25mm bamboo dpns for a month, I LOVE these socks!!! soleI had the yarnage-horrors after the 1st heel flap, so did the wraps/inch to find something else the same weight amongst my odds and ends, and they now have lovely royal blue heels and toes, and my digital scales (love those Mum) tell me I have plenty left to finish #2. Of course, if I hadn't ripped back that heel flap I would inevitably have found myself half-a-sock short, but I don't begrudge the Yarn Gods their small amusements (don't tell anyone, but the socks look better with solid heel&toe anyway!!)

Next up? Some kind of toe-upsocks for moi, some xmas socks for friend's baby girl, maybe something 'fetching' for more xmas knits? I've seen it done in Cleckheaton Country Silk, and just happen to have stumbled across some in my bag, after a visit to the new Kmart to start prezzie-stashing ;)

Bring on 3pm. I can't try my last baby-sleep inducing trick until after the school run, in case it works *touch wood*
PS I don't know why the pics turned out ultra-violet, but I like it!