Friday, December 08, 2006

I've got a secret

J has been talking about secrets recently, and whether you can tell your friends or not.. the idea that once you tell someone it's not a secret anymore is a bit hard for a 6yr old to grasp - "what if you tell them not to tell anyone?" "what if they're in another country?" - Well, what if they read your blog??? I notice many many knitbloggers referring to their secret 'holiday knitting'... you know, maybe we should rethink that title - it always makes me feel like abandoning all domestic and academic commitments and run away with my knitting ...
The answer:
knift (n) n-i-ft a contraction of the phrase "knit(ted) gift"; primarily used to refer to items being knitted for the purpose of gifting at major celebrations, eg Christmas and birthdays.
knift (v) to knit a gift; verb derived from the noun knift, a knitted gift. "I am doing a lot of knifting this Christmas".

I am testing the waters of the knifting ocean, so whilst I am in fact knitting most every night, I do not wish to post any pics lest a possible giftee actually reads this blog over the next two weeks.

But I will do some more knitting for me and mine this weekend that has been previewed before (is that a tautology?) so as to have some pretty colours - Oh, and I bought the Holiday edition of Vogue Knitting yesterday - its a cable wonderland!