Monday, December 04, 2006

Just trust me on this..

I have TWO items finished this past week or so, but cannot, for reasons of the utmost obviousness, display them here. Rest assured however that the hinting, sneak peeks and allusions will continue, coz it's fun! I shall commandeer hubby's camera and take some pics with which to entice you until such time as all may be revealed.
There has also been baking, in an attempt to find an alternative to chocolate - I know, I know, why bother trying?? And yet, those brief flirtations with other delicacies do indeed make the return so much the sweeter...
We have had
>> an excellent yoghurt banana coconut cake - it doesn't keep very well, but that's ok, coz it is very moreish. I suggest going a bit heavy on the spices to oomph it up a bit (my spices aren't that fresh, though), and I just used melted butter coz I hadn't any ghee - nonetheless, EVERYONE said I should make it again! Including J's mate A and his Mum!! I didn't bother icing it either - not an icing fan, really.
>> chocky earthquake biscuits, a favourite from the truly awesome delicious. magazine (I still don't get the full stop at the end of the word - is it alluding to being 'the last word', or the way people say 'full stop' [period] to add emphasis??)
>> strawberry friands, (from the current issue), likewise just lovely, and since I put a bit less sugar in them than required, not too sweet for my taste - very hard to resist having a second (they aren't large), but I am doing my best.

The weather has warmed up again (see my weather geisha in the sidebar), which is nice - it has been so cool that we are still wearing an extra layer in December!! Night isn't falling until after 8pm, which is nice for pottering around, but not so fabulous for getting the kids into bed on time - it feels like mid-afternoon until suddenly I realise that it's 6pm and the kids haven't been washed or fed!!
Speaking of which - time to concoct miracles from the roast pork leftovers - I didn't include the roast in my list of yummies because
a) the crackling didn't crackle
b) it wasn't quite cooked in the middle, despite the extra half hour
c) the baby carrots were too firm
d) the foil-wrapped potatoes were very like glue
e) the fancy peas were an odd mix of bright spring green and jungle-khaki green (but tasted pretty good thanks Jamie)
f) the cauliflower and broccoli were perfect when I took them off the stove, but mushy by the time the gravy was done 15mins later
NOT one of my most spectacular meals - but I did saffron & spice stewed pears for after, and they were lovely. Looking forward to finishing them off with a bit of luscious Tassie yoghurt this evening.

More (knitting!) soon