Wednesday, December 20, 2006


Into the no-longer beta Blogger, in the hopes that it will be better.... just a leetle Xmas wish :)

So, the knifting:

  • the TARDIS being currently unavailable for private hire, the Cadbury's Hat has been shuffled to the end of the line, and it's spot in the (v. late) Xmas parcel is being taken by an understudy
  • another item on my list will be finished tonight and packaged with some Lindt pistachio-centred chocky - there is a connection, trust me :)
  • another Tychus will be on the needles later today, at which I must diligently loop my way to closure by Sunday - it being a very quick knit, I have faith in the possibility; failing that, I have faith in the recipient's sense of humour!
  • another item may need to be packaged as yarn+suggested items, recipient to choose preferred form (which would make me a little more confident with sizing). We shall see what the next few days of packing and travel bring in the way of hands-free time, and just how effective those ginger tablets and acupressure wristbands are for preventing mal de mer!
  • the next knifty thing just needs those pesky ends woven in - yay! (not)
  • lastly, something for a friend whom I will see after Xmas, before New Year's, so can knit in between playing with prezzies, fixing newly broken new toys, eating, drinking and family-festivity-ing
And I have yet to pack for tomorrow's departure (still washing, and very grateful for the warm spell that is drying it all in time). In bed by 10 is a foreign concept for the time being... >0 (that's a big yawn)
Despite the not-quites, I am feeling pretty pleased to have attempted so many handmade gifts into this month - it feels nicer to make and give than to buy and give.

Time is of a scarcity, so I bid you all
A Very Merry Christmas
A Happy New Year!!